Attention Brokerage Owners


Part master-class and part workshop, we will do a deep dive into the the strategies and tactics to scale your brokerage into  to a 7 Figure Operation. 

Attention Brokerage Owners


Part master-class and part workshop, we will do a deep dive into the the strategies and tactics that helped us scale to a 7 Figure Operation. 

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If you are a Brokerage Owner, this 2 day Experience will radically shift the trajectory of your business... GUARANTEED!

Gain years of productivity, profitability, and growth for your brokerage. 

A.Z. & Carla Araujo will take you behind the scenes and break down their internal blueprints, marketing plan, recruiting strategies, retention processes, and commission structures that will help you earn 7 Figures in Profit from your brokerage. 


  • How to compete with Franchises & National Recruiting Companies.
  • How to create a proud and tribal culture
  • How to set up your Commission Structure to charge from 30-50% in commission splits.
  • How to plan and run powerful sales & training meetings
  • How to set up a profitable coaching program
  • How to create a five star training library.
  • How to discover additional profit centers​ that can add $250K to your bottom line
  • How to compete by offering the best Websites, CRM, Design Centers & Tech
  • How to create a Media Center for effective training & communication
  • How to set up a network for agents to train, collaborate, and co-create
  • ​How to recruit and onboard agents

Avoid the 5 pitfalls that destroy independent brokerage owners.

Avoid the 5 pitfalls that destroy independent brokerage owners.

Low Fees

Charging too little. Feeling like you have to race to the bottom to recruit agents.


Using "leads" as your only value proposition, resulting in a brokerage full of needy & entitled agents. 


Feeling like you need brand recognition and handcuffing yourself and your profits to a franchise model. 


Doing a song and dance or bending over backwards to gain loyalty from your agents for the fear of losing them. Offering discounts in the hopes they stay with you. 

Lackluster Training

Lacking the proper systems and training. Erroneously implementing generic white label training or outside coaching to fill that gap.  


Get insights, new strategies, and methods you can apply to your brokerage to take it to the next level. 

Build a 7 Figure Brokerage

Go behind the scenes of one of Arizona’s Largest Independent Brokerages

"BMB will save you years of wasted time and several hundreds of thousands of costly mistakes, while generating millions more in income for your brokerage." 

When you are in the right environment, around the right people, instinctively you are going to be able to do the right thing.

Germain Robinson


Hear What BMB's Past Attendees Had to Say

Vanessa Mares

Vismar Real Estate

I came here not really knowing what to expect. I knew he was going to teach us things and how to develop our businesses. But I never in a million years imagined the depth of what he was going to share with us. So I am completely blown away. I'm absolutely fired up to get back to implement and change things for the better.

Jose Mares

Vismar Real Estate

There's so many strategies that can be learned here and then apply to your business. It's a no brainer. It's not a tax cut, but a tax write off. Take advantage of it, guys. There's nobody in your marketplace that's willing to open the doors and showcase everything in their business. So if you're smart you take advantage of it.

Samara O'Neill


I applaud them for putting something like this together because like I said, a lot of times in this industry, people don't share information and you really get an opportunity to sit in a room with other brokers who are like minded.

Dale Kessler


I'm grateful that they were able to put Big Money Brokerage  together and that I had the opportunity to come out and be part of it. Pulling the veil back on the things that go on here(A.Z. & Associates) is going to be huge when I go back and implement things in my own brokerage.

Melannie Rhoad


I will say this in the two days of what I've received, honestly, and the first half day, maybe even the first hour that I was in the presence of them seeing their operation, it was well worth it. Everything there after that first hour was just icing on top.

Dave Harris

EXIT Cape Realty

A.Z. and Carla have both opened me up to what is possible.  I've been in the business for 35 years and have always done things pretty much the same way. What they've done is they've just opened up all these different ideas and perspectives with really good stuff that I can take back with me. Wonderful.

Sherri Saad

RE/MAX Leading Edge

Thank you to A.Z. and Carla for allowing me to come in and see your place and help me develop what I'm lacking in my brokerage. Not just anyone out there that would allow anyone to come in and see their operations. 

Mauricio Lopez

Cobblestone Realty

I mean, I'd say do it 100%. It's worth every penny and more. You're getting so much value in these short two days that, you know, you can start implementing into your business right away that I know can make an extreme difference in the trajectory of where you see your brokerage going. So if you're on the fence, don't hesitate. Just do it.

Christie Krantz

Weichert Realtors LKN Partners

Thank you for opening up your office and your books and your all of your tools in your toolbox, everything. They've opened it all up. And like I said, nobody, no business owners ever going to do that, especially in the same competing business. They have been just so loving, helpful and they just care so much. Thank you for motivating me, for having me here and letting me experience all this. It has been totally life changing for my business and for myself. 

Bryan Knisley

Better Life Realty

I just want to say thank you to A.Z. and Carla and the whole staff here. You guys have been amazing. I felt not only supported, but I felt like everybody here cares about what we're learning and what we're doing here… We're now able to impact a much larger audience with the trainings and we've learned to impact so many people's lives…

Christopher Nutt

Realty Executives Gallery Properties 

From everything that I've ever seen, there is nothing like what I've experienced here at the Big Money brokerage. To both A.Z. and Carla, I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules… you are leaders in your industries. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us, to open up your playbook, to help us become bette broker owners.

Justin Henry

380 Realty Associates

Thank you, A.Z. and Carla. It's been a great experience and I'm excited about implementing these strategies and growing as a leader for my brokerage and my agents because that's what we have to do.

Franchised Clients

Who Will I meet?


Connect with us On Social Media



Connect with us On Social Media



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What Will I Learn?

The day will be filled with speakers, workshops, exercises, and conversations in all the areas in which we’re experts.

How to Conduct Powerful Sales Meetings

Sales meetings are crucial to a sales team’s success, when done properly. Poorly-run, disorganized meetings are just a waste of time. Learn how to lead and engage your agents with a sense of purpose and direction that allows them to grow exponentially. 

Build a Tribal Community

Agents don’t want to just hang their license anymore, they want to buy  into something they believe in. They want to connect and feel like they’re a part of something greater than just a commission check. Learn to attract a group of committed, like-minded people with your leadership and content.

Training Program

Building a powerful training program can make your brokerage more efficient -- increasing production, revenue, and profits while decreasing costs, waste, and inefficiencies. Create your own proprietary training program and avoid the generic and ineffective white label programs. 


There will always be another brokerage that has better brand recognition, offers better splits, or provides some technology or training you don’t. But when your agents become indoctrinated into your "tribe", it will take more than a shiny object or lower commission split to lure them away. 

Profit Centers

Discover additional revenue opportunities with technology, title, misc services, and mortgage partners. Learn how key partnerships can add $500K or more to your bottom line. 

Strengthen Your Recruiting

Learn how to increase the number of agents within your brokerage by creating targeted ads. Learn a simple hack that will have only agents viewing  your recruiting ads.  Learn how to become the authority in your space so you can stop cold calling or chasing agents. They'll come looking for you. 



  • Fly in Wednesday before the event. Your destination airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX).
  • ​Renaissance Hotel and Spa is the host hotel. Your 3 night hotel stay is included in your experience. We will be emailing you the reservation details prior to your arrival.


  • Early AM - Spend the morning with A.Z. and Carla Araujo as we breakdown the daily routines of a Champion. You will learn the mindset needed to grow your brokerage exponentially. 
  • 10AM - 1PM - Morning Sessions (Opening session with A.Z. Araujo and Carla Araujo (Marketing - Importance of Podcasting, Online Meetings, Systems)
  • 1PM - 2PM - Working Lunch
  • ​2PM - 6PM Afternoon Sessions (12 Week Book Target Training, Importance of Social Media Marketing)


  • Early AM (Breakdown and Breakthrough biggest lessons from previous day). You’ll get shuttled to our Destination.
  • 9AM-1PM - Morning Session (How to structure a profitable internal coaching program. How to train and coach your agents, Recruiting, Targeted Ads, Company Culture, Commission Structures, Technology)
  • 1PM - 2PM - Working Lunch
  • ​2PM - 6PM Afternoon Sessions (Setting Targets, Becoming the Authority in your space, additional revenue streams)


  • ​Fly out Saturday (Date TBD). Or extend your stay. The weather is beautiful. 

Build A Tribal Culture




Problem #1

You can’t compete with national franchises. They have all the technology and training you wish you had. They’ve been in your market for decades. Everyone knows who they are. No one knows who you are. The thought of that has resulted in your weak attempts to recruit.

The Possibility

You realize that franchises are smoke and mirrors. The training is boxed and the leadership is hired. Agents want local leadership and you’ve embraced it. Not only do you find yourself competing, but the very franchises you used to hold in high regard are afraid of you recruiting their agents.  

Problem #2

You feel like you have to race to the bottom in fees to compete. The competition all around you are charging less and less. You’ve attempted to do the same. Offer a little more for a little less. Now you feel burnt out, you still have to sell real estate because the fees are not enough to cover your overhead. 

The Possibility

Agents are gladly paying you up to 50% of their commission to you without batting an eye. You provide so much value that there is no competition. You’ve separated yourself from the masses. You’ve applied the principles you learned from BMB. Your agents are striving for more because you are. They appreciate you and how you have transformed their lives.

Problem #3

You don’t have an effective training program. You spend so much effort to recruit new agents , that once you do, you don’t know what to teach or show them. You have several agents coming and going like a rotating door. The disappointment makes you less likely to recruit. You loose sleep thinking about who may leave next.

The Possibility

You have a predictable training schedule and strategy to effectively train your agents. You no longer rely on a third party, like a title company or mortgage company, to train your agents. You’ve taken the bull by its horns and now lead your brokerage powerfully. Each week you have trainings to help propel your agents business to the next level. All your agents are engaged and excited. You soon become the highest sale per agent brokerage in your market. 

Problem #4

You don't know how to hold effective sales meetings. You hate holding them and even worse.... no one shows up. Your meetings  are lackluster and generic at best. You find yourself avoiding them all together... and so are your agents. 

The Possibility

You hold the most powerful and inspirational meetings. Your classroom fills up with all the top producers. What you say and do goes a long way. There is no posturing you speak from integrity. They visibly see it in your physique, family life and business. Your success is inspiring others to follow suit.

Problem #5

You don't know how to recruit - You spend countless hours at social events or on the phone doing a song and dance to lure potential prospects. You hate how it feels to be turned down. Agents hang up on you and even laugh in your face. You stalk them on social media hoping they will respond to your messages. They avoid your phone calls.

The Possibility

You’ve learned how to get agents to apply to join your brokerage. You know as soon as they walk through the doors of your office they will join. They have already followed you on social media and listened to your podcast. They reviewed your website and have sold themselves before they walk through the door of your brokerage. There is no song and dance. In fact, they beg you to allow you to join. You flipped the script on traditional recruiting and are now looked at as a true asset.

Problem #6

You don't know what to charge. Your fee structures are all over the place. You cut someone a break now everyone else is seeking that same break. You have several different structures and it is getting out of hand. More and more of your agents realize that everything is negotiable with you. You are in a never ending rat race to the bottom, where you find yourself doing more and more while getting less in return. Burning out is inevitable. 

The Possibility

You have drawn a line in the sand. The conversation of lowering your fees is never brought up, they know exactly why you charge what you do. You trust yourself and so do your agents. Everyone pays their splits and no one questions your value. 

"I created A Brokerage that nets me over 7 Figures Without having to sell any homes "

Meet the Mind Behind 
Big Money Brokerage

A.Z. Araujo

Founder A.Z. & Associates

  • Top 1% brokerage in the State of Arizona. 
  • Over 2,000+ homes sold annually
  • ​Top 5 non “flat fee” Independent Brokerages in Phoenix Metropolitan Area
  • ​300+ agents
  • Top Sales/Agent Ratio in Phoenix Metro Market

"In order to create a better business, you must first create a better business owner.

I spent years of frustration and millions of dollars in coaches and consultants to build a brokerage that finally pays big returns. 

This 2 Day experience will knock out years of mistakes and will provide you a path to make millions in revenue by personally witnessing what is possible for your brokerage. 

I only wish this type of training was available for me when my back was against the wall. I was so close in closing the doors of my brokerage  like many hundreds of my colleagues did over the years." 

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Week Targets

Week Targets

A Daily Journal That Turns Your Non-Producers Into Top Producers

Bonus Training During the 2 Day Event

"Your agents will take extreme ownership of their actions and outcomes."

During the 2 Day Event you will undergo a complete Breakdown on how to incorporate this journal into your own brokerage. 
This is no ordinary Planner. The principles in this journal will condition you to win and excel in all areas of your life. 
"This is the most comprehensive accountability tool available to Realtors" 
 Target Setting
  • Set Targets for clear and measurable outcomes.
  • ​Get Clear About What You Want and Why You Want it.
  • ​Break down targets into weekly achievable plans.
  • ​Execute daily to put you closer to your Target. 
 Track Your progress
  • Daily targets to focus on goals.
  • Main Focus - 4-8 Must Do's for the Day.
  • ​Motivational Quotes - How does it apply to you?
  • ​Daily Journal for appreciation and reflection
  • ​Appreciation Texts 
  • ​Social Media Hustle
  • ​Workflow - Contact Past Clients & Sphere
  • ​Workboard - Track your leads, Escrows, Closings, etc
  • Daily targets to focus on goals.
  • Main Focus - 3-6 Must Do's for the Day.
  • ​Motivational Quotes - How does it apply to you?
  • ​Daily Journal for appreciation and reflection
  • ​Appreciation Texts 
  • ​Social Media Hustle
  • ​Workflow - Contact Past Clients & Sphere
  • ​Workboard - Track your leads, Escrows, Closings, etc
 5th Edition Includes
 5th Edition Includes
  • Soft Touch Cover, Professional, & Sturdy 
  • ​​Quality Design​ - Durable and Compact
  • ​O Ring Spiral Binding
  • ​​Pages Can Be Opened a Full 360 Degrees
  • ​​The Pages Turn Easily and Stay Put

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Watch Live Coaching with Realtors & Entrepreneurs

My Fellow Brokerage Owner -

Were you led to believe that making 7 figures in your brokerage was impossible? 

I’m sure at times it feels like it. You are facing stiff competition on all fronts... From Big Box Franchises, and Flat “low fee" brokerages, to local agents recruiting for national companies. How could your brokerage ever compete?

My name is A.Z. Araujo and I am the founder A.Z. & Associates and Big Money Brokerage. In 2021 alone, my local brokerage closed 2,300+ transactions resulting in $800M in sales and 7 figure profits all without:

- racing to the bottom with low flat fees
- handcuffing myself and my profits to a franchise model
- having to sell any personal real estate

I’ve spent millions of dollars and years of mistakes to finally see my value. I know what it's like to: 

- Feel defeated and inferior to other brokerages
- Not have clear and systematic training program
- Hire outside coaches to help train my team 
- Losing more agents than you recruit 

Don’t spend years flailing in the hands of chaos like I did, trying to figure this out alone.  Your overall sense of purpose, confidence, business, and even family are all on the line. I am here to reassure you that you can build a profitable and rewarding brokerage. I know the magnitude of responsibility that is at stake. 

That's why I developed this 2 Day in person experience so that you may be able to bring the same level of growth and prosperity to your brokerage.

You will learn how to:
- discover hidden profit centers that can generate an additional $250K in profits in the next 12 months. 
- How to effectively train, retain, and recruit agents. 
- Build an effective and profitable training and coaching program 

During our 2 Day Workshop we’ll pull back the curtains on how we operate our Big Money Brokerage. You will gain years of knowledge and reclaim millions of dollars in lost revenues. 

Imagine what is possible when you know what to do, and more importantly, how to do it.

This 2 day in person workshop will point you in the right direction of what is possible. (Or you can spend years on the same track you are currently on... the choice is yours).

Click the button below and apply to join the Big Money Brokerage 2 day experience.

A.Z. Araujo


Watch Live Coaching with Realtors & Entrepreneurs

Fill out our "Big Money Brokerage" application; 

Master Your Mindset with A.Z. Araujo: learn what it takes to build a leading brokerage

Master Your Mindset with A.Z. Araujo: learn what it takes to build a leading brokerage


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And Join Our "Brokerage Owner Insights" Mailing List!


This 2 Day Big Money Brokerage Event came together because there was nothing like this when I needed it. I spent years wishing there was. 

I hoped for direction, I prayed for guidance

In this 2 day experience, I will personally guide you on the do’s and don’ts, lessons, strategies, and insights we’ve learned throughout the years.

You Will Learn:

  • How to build the best training modules
  • How to train, retain, and recruit top agents 
  • How to have powerful sales meetings.
  • ​How to onboard new agents.
  • ​How to create effective recruiting strategies
  • ​How to build favorable commission splits
  • ​How to find hidden profit centers that can net you $250K in the next 12 months
  • ​Plus so much more!
The Big Money Brokerage 2-day experience is designed to peel back the layers of YOUR company specifically; you will know exactly what to do next.

I'm no guru, I’m a real business owner with a real brick & mortar company that has figured a few things out.


Again, the Big Money Brokerage 2-Day Experience is the most extreme level of Council across the board for your Brokerage. 

You’ll spend 2 full days with me A.Z. Araujo, Founder of A.Z. & Associates 

I will personally break down my entire infrastructure of how I was able to build a tiny 3 person brokerage into one of Arizona’s Largest Independent Brokerages.

A.Z. & Associates now has over 215 agents and sold over 2,300 homes in 2021 alone. 

During this Experience, You’ll spend two full days at my 10,000 sq ft facility where you will see firsthand how my brokerage functions. 

This includes unprecedented access to my leadership staff, trainers, media team, management, accounting, etc. 

My leadership staff and I will pull back the curtains on anything and everything we do including the software and systems we use to run an operation of this size.  

You’ll leave with a game plan and framework you can apply immediately to your brokerage. 

This is not a motivational seminar and definitely not some surface-level mastermind.

This is a hands-on approach to dialing into the specifics of your business. 

You will learn -

👉🏼 How to add additional profit centers
👉🏼 How to hold powerful sales meetings
👉🏼 What to say and what to do to recruit, train, and retain agents
👉🏼 How to plan your quarterly business planning meetings 
👉🏼 How to build a tribal community
Listen, I get it, in a day and age of influencers and “how many followers” one has… I’ll be the first to admit, that’s not who I am. 

Unlike many social media “Gurus” I am a real business owner with a real brick and mortar business that spent years perfecting my craft. 

I chose Profitability over Popularity. I generate multiple millions for my family each year through my business and I’ve helped hundreds provide the same for their families. 

No, I am not famous and I don’t have millions of followers… I just have the results. 

My main focus is not to have the most followers, but the one who creates the most leaders!

I am the founder of A.Z. & Associates, Do The Work Coaching and Big Money Brokerage. I’m the host of the BadAss Agents podcast. 

I’ve personally sold over 3,000 homes in my career.

I was selected as top 30 under 30 in 2007 and was featured on the cover of Realtor Magazine. 

I stepped out of the production side of real estate in 2014.

Since then I’ve dedicated my time to growing A.Z. & Associates and stepping into the role of coaching, mentoring and consulting small business owners. 

A.Z. & Associates is one of the largest Independent Brokerages in Arizona and the Top 1% of all brokerages in the state.

We currently have 215+ licensed agents with 3 locations in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. 

A.Z. & Associates has the highest sales/agent ratio when compared to other large brokerages. 

Do The Work Coaching has grown tremendously in the last 2 years. We currently coach and train 500+ members nationwide. 
In addition to gaining unprecedented access to one of the largest and most profitable brokerages in Arizona, your investment includes your three-night hotel stay. We will be emailing you the reservation details prior to your arrival.

You’ll receive all your training materials. This includes a special assignment 7 days prior to your arrival and the 12 Week Target Journal. 

All your meals, snacks, beverages, coffee, etc during your office visit will be included. You let us know what you want and my staff will provide it for you. 

Your transportation to and from your hotel and A.Z. & Associates HQ will be included.

This experience is designed to keep you focused on the task at hand, that is to grow and expand your brokerage. 

I will personally work with you to identify at least 1 profit center that you will implement in the next 90 days that will increase your revenues over 250K in the next 12 months.

On your final night, we’ll recap the 2 day’s experience with an exclusive and private VIP dinner. 
Unfortunately, this is not that type of event. Just because you want in, doesn't necessarily mean you are right for this experience.

You must first complete the application thoroughly.

I personally review each application and based on your responses will schedule a Zoom call with you.

I need to make sure you have the right mindset, the eagerness to grow, and the drive to succeed.

Once we complete the interview and if I invite you to attend, then and only then will a payment link will be sent to you.
I have specifically designed this experience to radically shift how you lead and operate your brokerage moving forward. 

The interview is for me to determine if Big Money Brokerage is right for you. 

I limit my event to a maximum of 7 brokerage owners. 

I make sure I only bring on the right caliber of individuals to this experience.

Those who are not ready to build or have the wrong mindset will simply be a burden to me and to the group. 
Let me guess, you probably bought your franchise because you were led to believe it was a turn-key business. 

All you have to do is add their fancy label to your company, agents will then line out the door to join your brokerage, and voila…. BIG MONEY.

Well, by now you realize it wasn’t quite as simple as they described it. 

You face the same struggles you did before, training, retaining, and recruiting Top Agents. 

You will learn that the most important label you need to own is that of a LEADER. 

But in order to pull that off, you need to know how to structure it. 

I will show you exactly how I lead and train my agents to take them from non-producers to top producers. 

We have the highest sales/agents ratio in our market. 

Every Top Producer at A.Z. & Associates was developed and trained by the systems I built not the label I slapped on my building. 

It all depends. If you don’t operate your own office or have employees, this event is not for you. 

However, if you do, and also face the challenges of recruiting, retaining, and training your agents… then yes this is the perfect event for you.

The principles and methodologies are similar to those of a brokerage owner.

“Teamerages” are the hottest thing since sliced bread. 

However, just like brokerages, many teams fail to scale their businesses due to a lack of systems, training, infrastructure, and leadership.
Once you set the right foundation from the things you learn at the Big Money Brokerage Experience, you can expect to add a minimum of $250,000 in revenue to your brokerage in the next 12 months. 

This is only possible when you have the right infrastructure to support your growth. 

More importantly, you will get clear on the path you need to pave to get there. 

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