February 16th & 17th

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February 16th & 17th

This application will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

The Big Money Brokerage Experience is a 2-day event designed for brokerage owners.

It first involves a one-on-one interview with founder A.Z. Araujo.

 A.Z. will use the pre-designed application to assess the current state of your marketing, recruiting, training, systems, and infrastructure of your brokerage. 

The interview will be confidential and used to determine if the Big Money Brokerage Experience is right for you.

The experience is limited to 7 brokerage owners and is intended for those who are committed building a successful brokerage.


BMB 2 Day Small Group Event: 


*Subject to interview. Not all applicants qualify.

February 16th & 17th

  • 2 Day Small Group Experience at A.Z. & Associates HQ with A.Z. Araujo
  • ​Your ENTIRE training program and training library completely mapped out. 
  • You will have a Frame work on how to build your Coaching program as an additional profit center that can add revenue of over $250K to your brokerage.
  • You will work with my media team to learn how to become the authority in your market.
  • ​You will learn the strategies my trainers, leadership staff and I use to train our agents from non producers to Top producers.
  • ​We will map out your onboarding process.
  • ​You will see first hand how we use specific software to effectively communicate with our agents to build an engaged and tribal culture. 
  • ​The Big Money Brokerage event will literally cover all the challenges you may be facing with your brokerage. 
  • ​Unlike other seminars I will personally work with you to identify at least 1 profit center that you will implement in the next 90 days that will increase your revenues over $250K in the next 12 months. 
  • ​Plus so much more.  

100% Customized


*Subject to interview. Not all applicants qualify.

  • In Person & Private Experience. One Full day with you and your Management Team at A.Z. & Associates HQ. 100% tailored and customized. 
  • 2 Virtual Experiences - Two 1-hour exclusive one-on-one calls. One to take place prior to the in person exclusive day and one to take place after.
  • ​Internal and External Systems for Marketing and positioning your company as the authority in your marketplace
  • ​Internal and External Systems for Marketing and positioning your company as the authority in your marketplace  
  • ​Internal and External Systems for Marketing, recruiting, and onboarding new agents. 
  • ​Internal Systems and back office support systems for your team 
  • ​Map out your coaching program, training classes, and training library 
  • ​ Identify at least two profit centers that can add a minimum of $250,000 in revenue in the next 12 months. 
  • ​Set Clear Targets and objectives for your health, relationships, and business
  • ​Learn the proven 12 week strategy to optimize your purpose and productivity.
  • ​Identify patterns and behaviors that cause you to sabotage your growth in relationships and business.



  • Fly in Wednesday Feb 15th, one day before the event. Your destination airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX).
  • ​Renaissance Hotel and Spa is the host hotel. Your 3 night hotel stay is INCLUDED in your experience. We will be emailing you the reservation details prior to your arrival.


  • Early AM - Spend the morning with A.Z. and Carla Araujo as we breakdown the daily routines of a Champion. You will learn the mindset needed to grow your brokerage exponentially. 
  • 10AM - 1PM - Morning Sessions (Opening session with A.Z. Araujo and Carla Araujo (Marketing - Importance of Podcasting, Online Meetings, Systems)
  • 1PM - 2PM - Working Lunch
  • ​2PM - 6PM Afternoon Sessions (12 Week Book Target Training, Importance of Social Media Marketing)


  • Early AM (Breakdown and Breakthrough biggest lessons from previous day). You’ll get shuttled to our Destination.
  • 9AM-1PM - Morning Session (How to structure a profitable internal coaching program. How to train and coach your agents, Recruiting, Targeted Ads, Company Culture, Commission Structures, Technology)
  • 1PM - 2PM - Working Lunch
  • ​2PM - 6PM Afternoon Sessions (Setting Targets, Becoming the Authority in your space, additional revenue streams)


  • ​Fly out Saturday. Or extend your stay. The weather is beautiful. 


Again, the Big Money Brokerage 2-Day Experience is the most extreme level of Council across the board for your Brokerage. 

You’ll spend 2 full days with me A.Z. Araujo, Founder of A.Z. & Associates 

I will personally break down my entire infrastructure of how I was able to build a tiny 3 person brokerage into one of Arizona’s Largest Independent Brokerages.

A.Z. & Associates now has over 215 agents and sold over 2,300 homes in 2021 alone. 

During this Experience, You’ll spend two full days at my 10,000 sq ft facility where you will see firsthand how my brokerage functions. 

This includes unprecedented access to my leadership staff, trainers, media team, management, accounting, etc. 

My leadership staff and I will pull back the curtains on anything and everything we do including the software and systems we use to run an operation of this size.  

You’ll leave with a game plan and framework you can apply immediately to your brokerage. 

This is not a motivational seminar and definitely not some surface-level mastermind.

This is a hands-on approach to dialing into the specifics of your business. 

You will learn -

👉🏼 How to add additional profit centers
👉🏼 How to hold powerful sales meetings
👉🏼 What to say and what to do to recruit, train, and retain agents
👉🏼 How to plan your quarterly business planning meetings 
👉🏼 How to build a tribal community
Listen, I get it, in a day and age of influencers and “how many followers” one has… I’ll be the first to admit, that’s not who I am. 

Unlike many social media “Gurus” I am a real business owner with a real brick and mortar business that spent years perfecting my craft. 

I chose Profitability over Popularity. I generate multiple millions for my family each year through my business and I’ve helped hundreds provide the same for their families. 

No, I am not famous and I don’t have millions of followers… I just have the results. 

My main focus is not to have the most followers, but the one who creates the most leaders!

I am the founder of A.Z. & Associates, Do The Work Coaching and Big Money Brokerage. I’m the host of the BadAss Agents podcast. 

I’ve personally sold over 3,000 homes in my career.

I was selected as top 30 under 30 in 2007 and was featured on the cover of Realtor Magazine. 

I stepped out of the production side of real estate in 2014.

Since then I’ve dedicated my time to growing A.Z. & Associates and stepping into the role of coaching, mentoring and consulting small business owners. 

A.Z. & Associates is one of the largest Independent Brokerages in Arizona and the Top 1% of all brokerages in the state.

We currently have 215+ licensed agents with 3 locations in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. 

A.Z. & Associates has the highest sales/agent ratio when compared to other large brokerages. 

Do The Work Coaching has grown tremendously in the last 2 years. We currently coach and train 500+ members nationwide. 
In addition to gaining unprecedented access to one of the largest and most profitable brokerages in Arizona, your investment includes your three-night hotel stay. We will be emailing you the reservation details prior to your arrival.

You’ll receive all your training materials. This includes a special assignment 7 days prior to your arrival and the 12 Week Target Journal. 

All your meals, snacks, beverages, coffee, etc during your office visit will be included. You let us know what you want and my staff will provide it for you. 

Your transportation to and from your hotel and A.Z. & Associates HQ will be included.

This experience is designed to keep you focused on the task at hand, that is to grow and expand your brokerage. 

I will personally work with you to identify at least 1 profit center that you will implement in the next 90 days that will increase your revenues over 250K in the next 12 months.

On your final night, we’ll recap the 2 day’s experience with an exclusive and private VIP dinner. 
Unfortunately, this is not that type of event. Just because you want in, doesn't necessarily mean you are right for this experience.

You must first complete the application thoroughly.

I personally review each application and based on your responses will schedule a Zoom call with you.

I need to make sure you have the right mindset, the eagerness to grow, and the drive to succeed.

Once we complete the interview and if I invite you to attend, then and only then will a payment link will be sent to you.
I have specifically designed this experience to radically shift how you lead and operate your brokerage moving forward. 

The interview is for me to determine if Big Money Brokerage is right for you. 

I limit my event to a maximum of 7 brokerage owners. 

I make sure I only bring on the right caliber of individuals to this experience.

Those who are not ready to build or have the wrong mindset will simply be a burden to me and to the group. 
Let me guess, you probably bought your franchise because you were led to believe it was a turn-key business. 

All you have to do is add their fancy label to your company, agents will then line out the door to join your brokerage, and voila…. BIG MONEY.

Well, by now you realize it wasn’t quite as simple as they described it. 

You face the same struggles you did before, training, retaining, and recruiting Top Agents. 

You will learn that the most important label you need to own is that of a LEADER. 

But in order to pull that off, you need to know how to structure it. 

I will show you exactly how I lead and train my agents to take them from non-producers to top producers. 

We have the highest sales/agents ratio in our market. 

Every Top Producer at A.Z. & Associates was developed and trained by the systems I built not the label I slapped on my building. 

It all depends. If you don’t operate your own office or have employees, this event is not for you. 

However, if you do, and also face the challenges of recruiting, retaining, and training your agents… then yes this is the perfect event for you.

The principles and methodologies are similar to those of a brokerage owner.

“Teamerages” are the hottest thing since sliced bread. 

However, just like brokerages, many teams fail to scale their businesses due to a lack of systems, training, infrastructure, and leadership.
Once you set the right foundation from the things you learn at the Big Money Brokerage Experience, you can expect to add a minimum of $250,000 in revenue to your brokerage in the next 12 months. 

This is only possible when you have the right infrastructure to support your growth. 

More importantly, you will get clear on the path you need to pave to get there. 

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